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Each one of us wants a flat abdomen that is toned well and looks great. This is why we embark upon diets, exercises and workouts. However at times, none of these options seem to work with your stubbornly loose and protruding abdomen.Also, it might also happen that you might not be obese overall, yet you still end up with a saggy abdomen which bothers you endlessly. This is where tummy tuck comes in.

What is a tummy tuck?

Tummy tuck also known as abdominoplasty is a procedure whereby excess fat and skin is removed. Often this surgical procedure also makes sure that the weakened muscles of your abdomen are restored and thus you end up with a smoother and firmer profile. The muscles in your abdominal wall get tightened up and consequently your stomach gets flattened.You need to remember though that tummy tuck isn’t the same as liposuction. Although, it is possible to get liposuction done along with a tummy tuck. Moreover, this surgical procedure should never be an alternative to weight loss. It ought to your last resort and you need to remember that this is a major surgery so get your facts straight before getting it done.

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